Birthday Child

Hey, you!

Here…. today, yesterday, tomorrow,

holy sky !

I am still drowning in my words,

while you are already adding a year,

older, wiser,

I am the sum of mines.

I will never understand what led me here,

don’t want to be one of your rainy day,

I’m a shower of relentless drops.

I want to hold the umbrella above your head,

is that so difficult to understand ?

Take me without merci, I am used not to breathe.

Never give up, you would kill me.

I am not one to be caught up, not a prisoner neither,

I am one to be tied up for ever,

because I will fight back as long as it lasts,

always have to track me,

you can be certain of that,

« too much » as pouring rain,

I am worth the love, I won that battle.

So you took your love into your unkind life ?

Well, at least you know I owe you this one,

I have grabbed your veins, squeezed them until they bled,

seems this is all about me and my burning fingers.

I’m happy for you.

If you don’t mind, I would preferably meet you,

in a place where I would lose track of everything.

I mean, are you not the one I can rely on?

Well, I am looking for an authentic burger in an old asian restaurant,

lost in the middle of nowhere,

right where everything happened that night,

werewoles round so fast in the plain,

then they did not give me time to think,

they turned me into a witch.

Just as I passed the door after dinner,

I started claiming I am not one.

Too late.

This is a lovely day today,

at least where you are,

a place of holiness.

I wish I would be with you,

one of those lights underneath darkness,

or the other way around,

I would clear the water, make you blind,

be a good girl.

I remember,

come together as one,

this is the day you reborn,

Birthday Child.